What Do You Understand by Home Lifting?

Home lifting is a kind of process that involves separating of the house from the foundation and also temporarily raising it by using certain methods e.g. hydraulic screw jacks. Based on the building structure and also the purpose for which the house needs to be raised, it could be further raised minimum six inches to even more than twelve feet. This kind of process is just not limited for only homes, but can also be used for any commercial buildings, boat houses, barns and other kinds of buildings or structures.

This kind of house lifting is also called:

  • Building Jacking
  • House Jacking
  • House raising
  • Structure Lifting

There can be many reasons for raising any home or structure.  Following are few top reasons for raising any home:

Any foundation or structural issues

Quite often, home needs to be raised because of unforeseen structural damages, foundation issues or settling problems. In some cases, even home has to be raised for repairing or completely replacing the foundation. Based on the condition of home, repairing of certain kind of foundation work can be best done only when home is raised.

Need more space

It is not very uncommon to stay in a home or neighborhood which you may love but need little more space. With house raising it is possible to accommodate that by introducing a second level. In place of building out on your property, it can be a much better choice to build up. By doing home lifting, it is possible to add new full basement or increase the existing basement height or even add any crawl space.


For flood protection

Those homeowners who stay near low-bank or fresh waters may decide to use this house raising/house moving to avoid any flooding issues. Often homeowners may take this step, if any flooding incident already occurred. Also, some people as preventative measure raise their home prior to occurrence of damage.

How to raise any home?

House raising is not a simple procedure but needs a very specially experienced contractor and his trade must be reserved for this kind of job only and having sufficient professional experience in this field. Therefore, do not hire a contractor just from the street but contact a well-known construction company, who are actually specialized in house raising projects and also expert in structure raising.

You can search for a company on the internet and select them after plenty of research about their capability.

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